Double Standards A Poisonous Mentality

Double Standards A Poisonous Mentality

Double Standards

It’s not always so easy to deal with those who have some double standards. They never have a single conclusion over the same condition. Their statements and thoughts switch here and there as their mood swings or they can not bear their failure. They are more confused about their future and clueless. They are living a fake life in a virtual world of selfishness.

Moreover, they just want to satisfy their ego by fooling themselves. To do so they keep false promising their subconscious brain to prove their acts correct over the others for doing the same. Double Standards means if someone has different opinions for the same situation or activity.  They changed their opinions and decisions based on the persons involved in all these.

“Nothing annoys me more than when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldn’t be okay with if you did it.”

Double Standards shows the partial and selfish nature of someone. It is like if you object someone for abusing or insulting you for a reason and justify it when you abuse or insult someone for the same reason. It is like someone have different rules and regulations for others but when it comes to him rules get changed. Anyone can carry these double standard thoughts. “see how much he drinks (alcohol)” but when it comes to their own son, statements would be like ” Its okay to have some occasionally or “he does not misbehave someone” or “taking as medicine is good for health” or ” he does not take it on daily bases”.

“One of the biggest flaws of people are pretending to be blind to their own mistakes, but do not pretend deaf towards the mistakes of others.”

Isn’t it strange when parents search for a high valued, well settled and well-educated son- in- law for their daughter? But in case of their son they want a daughter- in- law, who can adjust according to their son. Isn’t it the height of double standards when your daughter visits your home twice a week you love it. In contrast, when your daughter in law wishes to visit her home once a half year, your mood goes upset. Why a woman should be so perfect for a man? Why we raise our girls to be like boys why not boys to be like them. How the sacrifices of a parent can be higher valued than the other parents? I don’t want to make this topic unidirectional towards women. Yet it is a misfortune of us that women are the born victim of double standard thoughts everywhere.

Is there any difference b/w the pain of a major’s wife and a solder’s wife, while both of their husbands had sacrificed their lives for the country. Does any disease hurt the poor more than those who are rich or vice versa. Do the clouds rain for you more than your neighbours? No, pain is pain whether it is yours or mine. So treatment should be the same either it is you or me.

“A Double standard exists when an action, moral or standard is considered appropriate and praiseworthy for one group but considered wrong and deplorable for another.”

So from where this kind of double standards come? The virus of double standards attacks only those who have some insecurity and inferiority issues. Those who are not sure about there decisions and choices. Those who have no self-realization and who are corrupt. When they see anything goes against them or they would apologize, they set a new standard for that to keep their self right. Before passing any judgment put yourself at the place of others and analyze your behaviour. Think if someone would be like you then will your thoughts be same.

Double standards show the poor stable conditions of the mind. It is the lack of self-confidence and the weak ability to accept the truth. It is the desire for domination. This kind of persons can never grow too high as they are limited within their self-made boundaries. They have no connection with right-wrong, would be-would not be, do’s and don’ts. They are always right for them and forces their self on others.

Being a successful one stay away with such baseless people who can rotate in any direction with the changing direction wind because they will never appreciate your jobs as they have double standards regarding your and their success. Just focus on your goal and make decisions of being a single standard by keeping the facts into consideration. Then only you will get the real success and able to improve yourself.


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