About Us

About Us

Have you ever found yourself alone in a crowd of millions? Do you find no one far away to share your pain in spite of having many? Are you wandering away from your goal by getting into the bitter and disappointing words of others? Are constant defeats and neglects is pushing your life towards the darkness of negativity? If yes then you are at the right spot. The range of my motivational blogs about life will lift your mood up and keep you the right track of living your life. In spite of constant efforts, when no path is visible, then instead of getting stuck in the vortex of despair, start working hard more towards achieving your goal. Live for yourself instead of always caring for others.

Give yourself some time. Know yourself. love yourself. Do something that makes you happy. Eat good, dress well, develop some hobbies. Sing loudly, dance freely, enjoy the rain, imagine the different funny shapes, the cloud is making, count the star, run behind the butterflies. Set yourself free. Take the stress off your head and keep it on the side. Don’t wast the time in prooving yourself. Do always good and rest leave on God, Time and of course Karma. Out of three are the good teacher and strict judges.

My motivation blogs about life are related yo some common issues of our lives. My sole purpose in writing these is to raise your mental level and make your thoughts positive. We cannot change the whole world and its patterns, but we can change ourselves and our actions. If we all constantly improve ourselves and our actions, then the day is not far when the world and its rituals will also change.

I have seen many ups and downs in my life and have raised myself with double strength every time. Earlier I always used to look for someone to share my pains, but slowly it came to understand that you can come out of your problems only by yourself. Earlier, I used to understand my mind, today it understands me and acts according to my choice. read my blogs. I hope you will enjoy all the ways and start loving yourself.

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