Be Aware of Your Medical Prescriptions

Be Aware of Your Medical Prescriptions

Doctors are the second form of God. Where the great God gives us this beautiful life, Doctors help us to maintain the fitness and Regulating the activities of our body for a healthy life. But these all things are true only when your doctor has certified qualifications(full-time medical courses from a certified university), Full dedication to his job & the most important humanity. But nowadays the main ingredient of humanity is missing in some doctors. They are more greedy about money. They have no value in your life. But all doctors are not the same. Some take their patients as their responsibility. For them your life is precious.

Be aware of Medication

So it depends on you to choose the right doctor for yourself. First, you should give priority to your body then you can expect someone else to cure yourself. Follow some steps while you think you need a medical prescription.

Understand your body: Each individual has different body requirements and responses. These all depend upon their birth time situations (such as place of birth home or hospital, delivery style normal or cesarean, Birth Status healthy or with some complications, etc.), the climate they live, the air they inhale, the water they drink and the food they eat. In this way, anything which is best for someone can be worst for another one. So it becomes necessary to recognize your body and its responses about some climate changes, food allergies, some kind of fragrance allergies, etc. Be aware of what your body can welcome and what doesn’t suits it.


Understand the seriousness of your disease: Here I have two suggestions. First is – if you have some normal physical problems, like headache, loose motions, leg pain, seasonal cold, mensuration pain, etc. Try to avoid taking medicine for these. Our immune system fights against such seasonal problems and forms antibodies against the bacteria. But when we take medicine for these small things the immune system gets weaken and self-resistance power against climatic changes reduces. You can take some exercise, good sleep, healthy food, plenty of water and some home remedies to overcome such problems. But if any cold, any pain or any other disability is going moreover than two days consult your doctor. If the pain intensity is too high and you feel any kind of discomfort in breathing or dehydration go to your doctor without losing a second.


Don’t be the doctor yourself: Never take any medicine without the concern of a doctor, or never advise someone to do so. Every drug mostly the painkillers have many side effects and some precautions regarding taking them with other drugs. Their salts can react and negatively affect your body. Some drugs are advised with milk, some with

Be careful about your medication

warm water and some with cold water, some after your meal and some before your meal. Each drug has a proper dose to treat your problem. But if you take it without concerning your doctor it can be harmful and life taking risk. Yes for an emergency you can keep some common drugs by asking your physician or you can use some Ayurvedic medicines as they have natural ingredients causing negligible side effects.


Go to the right category of doctor you need: Before going to a doctor do some homework. If you have some dental problem then a physician or surgeon can not help you anymore. You must go to the dentist. So this homework will save your time and also the risk of wrong treatment too.


Ask everything about your medicine: It is your right to ask questions from your doctor regarding your health, and the medication he prescribed. You must be aware of everything about your medication, its timing, doses, side effects, food supplements, precautions, etc. A good doctor always listens to his patient with patience and satisfied him first with his polite answering and showing no hurry.


Always Check the expiry date printed on the pack: Before doing payments for your medicine always check the manufacturing date and date of expiry. It is very important. If you take medicine after its expiry date, that can be dangerous for your body and cause some fatal reactions. So be careful about it. Also, Throw out the expired medicine time to time by checking your first aid box.


Keep an active Record of your all-time medication: Write down your all medication processes on a notebook with proper date and duration. Mention the name of the doctor, medicine, clinic address, medicine manufacturer doses and their effects on you. It will help you in future medication and also in avoiding to use bad affecting medicine again.


Always use a new or well-sterilized needle for injection: It is very important to save yourself from some infectious diseases such as AIDS and others. The needle must be new or sterilized in boiling water.

Note that it is your body. Listen to it. If any medicine is making you uneasy in any way stop taking it and consult your doctor. He will change it with other substitutes or change the number of doses. But if someone forces you to take that change the doctor. Maybe that was good for your relative but it is not necessary that the tolerance power of everybody is the same. Never miss a dose and take all doses with suggested intervals by your doctor. Be active and cautious. It takes only one pill and two seconds to destroy the functions of your body but a long interval needs to overcome this disaster.


Take Care! Be safe! Be healthy!


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