Communication Gap

Communication Gap

Influencing Factors in Communication Gap

Least communication or no communication is a common issue in today’s busy lifestyle. However this communication gap doesn’t seem more problematic but in most relationships, it is responsible for misunderstandings, fights, separations, and emotional distances.

The modern lifestyle is highly competitive and fast. Everyone is working hard to give a healthy and wealthy living to his family so they can survive in this competitive environment. It is hard to manage their time for communication and sharing. Communications are now limited everywhere. Whether it is personal or professional life, people just talk to the point. They are living a more reserved life as they don’t want to reveal their secrets in front of others.

What Is Communication Gap?

The communication gap is the situation where the actual message from the speaker is not taken with the same meaning by the listener. When the real intention of one party is not being understood correctly by the second party and taken in the wrong way, the communication gap is the responsible factor here.

communication gap a crucial problem

For example, a wife is expecting from her husband to wish her mother on her birthday but not giving him a clue about the date and they had never discussed it before. Now she is giving him the cold shoulders and the husband is confused about her behavior. She is thinking that he is intentionally doing this as he never forgets to wish her mother every year. No one can forget her mother’s birthday as he is familiar with the day since his childhood. It needs to share your insights with your partner.

Let us justify this communication gap with another example of a working environment. In many workplaces, people do not use to talk with each other. They don’t use to take help from others. Juniors due to their hesitation and image and seniors due to their ego, that if someone needing help, he should come to them. In this way, they don’t get the quality work and the skills of the employees are also remain unpolished.

There are so many influencing factors of the communication gap. Most of them are as follows:

Busy Lifestyle

Modern people are living a running lifestyle. Digitization, increasing population, and unemployment have increased the level of competition. Everybody is busy proving himself better to get more opportunities for his bright future. Duty hours are longer with heavy workloads. After long working hours when they reach their home they actually need some rest by both physically and mentally so they don’t have enough time to spend with their families, children, neighbors, and friends. When they succeed to get the time for them it is so limited that they cannot properly share their feelings, emotions, opinions, problems, and thoughts with each other.

Personal Reasons

This category includes some personal issues such as fear, trust, ego, anger, and privacy which prevent a person to talk about his plannings and problems with others. Modern people are not too cooperative. They are more selfish and self-oriented. So people afraid of telling their plans to others. Sometimes ego stops them to get interacted with others that why only they would take an initiative? When a person gets angry he doesn’t want to listen to anyone and make his decisions on his behalf only. Also, they do not want to socialize their personal issues to maintain their privacy.

Generation Gap

The generation gap is a major factor that influences the problem of the communication gap. Age difference creates so many kinds of differences like knowledge gap, level of experience and changes in thinking with time, etc. Older people think that they are aged and have more knowledge and experience then those who are younger and they do not want to corporate with changing words and new generations. The younger generation thinks that they are modern and effective with time.

So both are unable to create an understanding between their opinions. Most of the time it becomes difficult to reach a proper conclusion. So they better think to avoid the fights and use to talk only about the point topics. That creates more damages in their relationships. In the absence of proper communication, everyone thinks that the other one does not care for him and never wishes to understand him.

Lake of Relevancy

When people talk about some irrelevant things, without understanding the actual problem, other people start ignoring them. If there is a conversation about the Indian economy and someone starts talking about the sale inside a nearby grocery store then why people take interest in his out of the subject communication. Nobody will take an interest in listening to him and they will leave. A relevant communication refers to a healthy discussion on a particular topic. The discussion should be able to gain the attention of all participants and engage them fully with their thoughts. Everybody has an equal right to share his opinions. So in the relevant communication, everyone must be a good speaker as well as a good listener too.

Lake of Patience

Patience is one of the most influencing factors for the communication gap. If you are short-tempered or you have low efficiency to concentrate your mind, you can never be a participant of healthy communication. You never would be able to find out the real values of the things. Your patience improves your observation skills. The more you will observe the more you will get the real meaning of the things.

Communication is Much More than Talking

Healthy communication does not only mean, talk to each other but also, It contains a detailed discussion on the subject, freedom of expression, the rite of putting your point of view, the ability to carefully listening to others, sharing your knowledge without hiding the facts, asking about the problems of others and find out the ways to solve these problems. In communication, you should put the full information about the subject among all and being an active participant in this communication you should consider all the facts and figures of that communication.

So it is quite important to listen to each and every side of a matter before making your decision. You should talk about your problems, difficulties, and other issues with your seniors, elders, and everyone related to these and can give you a better solution to come out from these situations. The more you will communicate with each other the more knowledge you will get from other’s experiences. Also, many misunderstandings and problems can be solved with healthy communication with your beloveds. Everyone has the right to strongly put his opinion and to choose the correct way for him. These communications can fill the gap between the hearts and also reduces the burden of minds.

Put your ego and anger aside and communicate with people open-heartedly, you will find many of your problems are being solved and many relationship gaps are being filled.


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