Don’t Be Fake

Don’t Be Fake

“I don’t know how people can fake whole relationships. I can’t even fake a hello to somebody, I don’t like.”

You are Born to be Real not Perfect

Many people show the artificial side of their personality only to impress someone or for achieving some social attention. They have a fear of losing respect or being rejected for their actual behavior. In this way, they get success to establish their fake nice image among the others. But they fail to carry such fake personality longer and once the overcoat of their falseness gets removed, people come to know about their real side and start maintaining a distance from them. The result is, they lose their prestige and surrounds themselves with sadness and slowly they move towards depression and anxiety. There is no one who trusts them. In the end, they are all alone.

When we make some nice statements or behave in some nice manners in front of our closed ones or anyone knew, they start believing it as part of our actual personality. They accept us in the same way and plans their life in accordance. But It is not so easy to behave against our nature for a long time. And when our fake niceness goes exposed, and our actual dominating character comes out then it plays as a shock to those who were in the doubt that they can happily adjust with us. Their expectations turn into the disappointments. Trust me, it is the worse case than being real with them from day one.

Be Real

“Your actions and your words should always agree with each other. Don’t say one thing then do another.”

Suppose that you are genuinely right somewhere further, but you will always be taken as a suspect of Fake personality. Once you lose your trust, it is hard to retrieve. So be the real to everyone. Whether you are rude, mean, selfish or anything else, people will adjust their selves with you. First, they can feel some complications but then they will take it normally. It is not as hurting as you will hurt them by cheating their emotions with your fake goodness. Be straight forward at the place of being diplomatic.

Don’t make promises, which you can not keep. Don’t give statements, if you can not commit them. It lacks the value of your words. It creates a bad impression of your personality. If you, yourself will not stay on your own words then how you can hope to form others to follow them. Only Commit the words you can stay along otherwise keep silence.

Don’t show off. It can ruin your precious relations, Beloved friends and trustworthy employees. Just show the reality to others. If they really like you they will accept you in the same way you are and such relations are long-lasting. Being fake is as mean as cheating someone and such relations are temporary. The life of a lie can never be so long. The guilt of being lier will always split on you inside. Your eyes will be down with shame and one day you will not be able to face yourself too.

Falseness fills you up with a feeling of insecurity of revealing the truth and releasing the relations. And it forces you to be faker and to say more lies to cover up the past lies. This process does not end until your truth reveals and you are always under pressure and unable to live a normal life. You can never win the trust of people again because:

“Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet to their gun because they missed you the first time.”

So be real and be proud of yourself.


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