Happy Holi 2019

Happy Holi 2019
Fill your life with different colours

Holi The Festival of Colors

Holi is the festival of Indian Hindus. All Hindus all over India celebrate it. This is the festival of colours, peace and love. It is the triumph of good over bad. We celebrate it in the early spring season every year. According to Hindi calender, Every year Holi festival comes on Poornima (Full moon) of Falgun month.

The full moon day is known as Holika Dahan Or Choti Holi next day it is playing Holi with colours. People put colours on each other and hug each other. They forget all old fights and problems between them and starts a new beginning. The vibrant colours fill the positivity inside us. It gives the message of love and brotherhood.

Story Behind the Holi Celebration

The story behind this colourful festival is also very interesting. According to Hindu mythology once there was a king named Hiranyakashyap.  He was so cruel and bad. He wants all mankind to worship him. But his biggest disappointment was his son Prahlad. Many times he tried to kill his son for refusing him to accept as a god but not succeeded. Then his sister Holika suggested to him that she will enter into a burning fire as she had a boon of being immune with fire from Lord Brahma.

With the blessing of Lord Vishnu,  Prahlad was safe and Holika burned. It is the Triumph of killing internal evils.

Holika Dahan

The Process of Holi Celebration

Every year my Mumma prepares potato chips, Potato papad and also many other types of papads for Holi. Also snacks and the lovely Gujhiyas. In my village, the cakes and  Burkalas made of cow dunk are gathered at a place with some wood by each family of the village before some days of the full moon. Rituals start by lightening up that bone fire at the full moon day. Next day everyone plays Holi with colours. This year Holika Dahan was on 20th of March and Color Holi was on 21st of March.

When I was too young I didn’t like to play with colours.  I only love to eat sweets.  If someone put colours on my face, I used to start fighting with him. When I grew up a bit more than I started playing Holi with full excitement. My father used to bring so many colours, some dry and some watercolours with water balloons and a pichkaari for us. Everyone would love to play in their groups. Sometimes people colours you after bathing also.

On the day of Holi,  we wake up early in the morning and after being fresh we take some snacks and sweets. I love Dahibada the most. Then we change our clothes.  Generally, mummy gives the old and ugly clothes to put on for the Holi play 😝. After changing we put oil in hairs and ties them up. Then we put some moisturizer on face and now we are ready to play.

I miss my childhood Holi celebration. Me, my family, our neighbours and friends,  we all used to prepare gujhiyas, play,  eat, dance and enjoy together. Throwing water balloons and colours was so exciting at that time. We used to play in teams. Target someone and throw him in the water tub. Sometimes roll him over the muddy floor. We used to poke the elder’s group and challenges them for colouring us but when they come near us we locked ourselves inside the bathroom.

And finally, when they found us they poured all our colours on us😂. One more thing we used to do was, take a potato and cut down that in two pieces. Then write or draw something on that and pull that shape out then fill some colours on the blank area. After that throw it on others. We can say it potato stamping.

Now it just becomes a formality as we neighbours live in different places. Most of my friends and siblings are married now. Everyone has a different style of Holi celebration in their in-law’s house.

Last time I played my style Holi in 2010 at my Nani( maternal Grandma)’ s house with my cousins and Mama,  Mami. After that, I got busy with further studies and career.

Well, I want to play that kind of Holi like my childhood again. That was real enjoyment and fun. Beside these rejoice and fun there is a negative side that some people get drunk and lost their senses and start abusing others.  Sometimes the situation turns too ugly that all enjoyment turns into a disaster.

Besides this, some people throw colours on animals for their temporary fun. Any festival doesn’t allow To hurt an innocent and poor animal. Don’t destroy the beauty of this colourful festival by doing such mean activities. Never throw colours on someone who has a different religion and who is not allowing you to do so. This is the festival of peace and brotherhood so don’t hurt someone’ s emotions. Don’t colour someone forcefully.

Festival celebration is a way to give respect, love and care to others, so don’t disrespect someone especially in case of females,  don’t touch them badly while putting colours.  Never cross your limits. Don’t humiliate them on the name of holi. Respect your religious morals and culture. Be kind and Play safe. I wish you all a Very Happy Holi 😊! May this Holi Will fill your life full of positivity and happiness.

Happy Holi



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