Happy Holi Wishes and Tips 2020

Happy Holi Wishes and Tips 2020

Holi Wishes 2020

Holi, the festival of joy and colors. Play Holi for fun and entertainment not for abusing, fighting or hurting someone. Every festival brings a lot of happiness. Everyone should be happy this day. So make sure to not embarrass someone on the name of Holi. Make sure to be the reason for someone’s happiness. the more you will spread the colors of love and respect, the more will come to you in return.

Happy Holi wishes 2020
Happy Holi

This Holi, try to play with natural and organic colors. Don’t use chemicalized color. Those can harm your skin and cause some other serious issues like skin infection, itching, rashes, eye infection, breathing issues, throat infection, etc. So don’t take any risk. After all, it’s about you and the health of your loved ones. Therefore, use organic colors made from natural ingredients only.

Festival of Holi wishes 2020

Also, use some easy home remedies to save your skin from the bad effect of chemicalized colors.

  1. Apply some moisturizer on your face.
  2. Apply enough hair oil on your scalp as well as hairs.
  3. Wear full and heavy cloths.
  4. Don’t open your mouth when someone applies color on your face.
  5. Cover your mouth and eyes from your hands.
  6. Use lukewarm water for bathing, after playing Holi. Too chilled or too hot water can cause health issues as you are already wet for a long time.
  7. Don’t use too much soap to remove the color from your face. You can use curd and gram flour pack to remove the color from your face.
  8. Wash your head gently.
  9. Apply a good moisturizer after bathing on your face and hands.

Be Safe Holi Wishes 2020

Since it is the time when the climate starts to switch from winter to summer. So do not let your immunity get weaker. Any bacteria or virus can take advantage of your low immunity and can trouble you. So be careful from the cold, cough and flue. Avoid watercolors. play dry Holi. Don’t eat too oily and spicy. Eat simple, healthy and homemade food only.

With lots of good Holi wishes, Happy Holi 2020

Family Holi Wishes 2020


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