How to Overcome the Problem of Over Thinking

How to Overcome the Problem of Over Thinking

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So, what Overthinking is? It is the process of converting your perceptions , regarding the same set of circumstances, from brighter to darker and sunny to stormy . Mostly Overthinking does negative impacts on our mind and health. It directs our behavior and actions in a wrong manner. Example : Here I will take a simple example of a student’s thought process before entering in the examination hall. Although he is well prepared for his exam but the masters sitting in his mind are announcing his future. The negative master is shouting hello! it is impossible of clearing the subject this year. I m telling which question you didn’t revised will surely come. You are a loser. You are good for nothing. everybody will laugh on you. How will you face your family and friends etc. Among these all there is a low voice of positive master who is encouraging him as , its OK , you will do it. But negativity is dominating the positivism and the result is souring throught, increasing heartbeat, sweating forehead and paralyzed power of thinking and understanding.

But we can handle this situation by giving more importance to the positive master and by thinking in a pleasant way. First we have to know about the reasons or the circumstances for which we starts negatively thinking. We should learn our behavior and attitude when we are in situation of over thinking. Do we get frustrated on our family and closed one’s in result of over thinking.
By knowing those reasons for which our mind goes negative and restless it becomes easy to handle the situation. We should note down those reasons and that behavior we do while we are depressed. Since we are human beings, we have the ability of thinking and understanding which differentiate us from other animals. We can’t stop our mind from thinking but we can change the direction of our thoughts by thinking about those things which make us happy and calm. We can prepare our brain to accept challenges by improving our self confidence. At the place of fear and depression we should face the problem. Without happening of an event we should not make our negative assumptions about its result. We should only make positive aspects regarding the situation. When the event will happen we will get the result.

There is another way which is very simple and interesting. We should develop our hobbies and maintain them regularly. Music is also a best medium to divert our mind and change its mood. We should do some creative things, Exercise and meditation. By doing these all we can inhance our concentration power.
By reducing the overthinking we can stay ourself away from many mental abnormalities such as tension, depression and uneasiness. We can improve our decision making power.
By following above simple steps we can overcome the problem of overthinking. In my further blogs I will go more deeply within the subject. Stay happy and healthy…. See u in my next blog….



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