Its All in Your Mind, Nothing is Forced

Its All in Your Mind, Nothing is Forced

“It’s all in your mind.” Yes, most of the time it’s your mind which controls your thoughts and slowly your body starts responding according to it. Did you ever notice why your doctors, well-wishers, and experienced persons suggest you stay positive in your hard times? Have you ever amazed by the magical recovery of some patients from deadly diseases and fatal accidents and on the other hand sometimes people never come back from minor injuries?

You all must have once heard from a doctor that ” the survival of that particular patient is not possible as he has no desire of living.” Here I am discussing the thought process of our mind and its effects on our health and life. It’s about how positive thinking directly or indirectly changes our life. It’s our never going to be true fears and scary imaginations and that overcome our entire mental peace. let us understand all the processes with the two contrast situations I have faced in my life.

Case 1. It’s about 10 years ago when I got ill or you can say that I got highly feared with the thinking of losing my life. I simply got fevered.  The whole night I couldn’t sleep and I remember I was struggling with a disturbed mind. A lot of nonsense and depressive things started capturing my mind. My brain has started too much thinking. My focus was on the activities and sounds in my body. I will not discuss it so deeply. Coz whatever we hear, watch or learn decides the quality of thoughts will run in our mind. Here I was not ill but still, something was forcing me to become ill.

That was my fear and different statements from different peoples those discouraging me. On the other hand, inside me was highly fighting to come out of that stressed zone at any cost. But I was helpless and my efforts were going all in vain. Although it was so simple to recover by just distracting my mind from those shits and shifting it on something new. But it is not as easy as it seems. I have started lots of praying. My all reports were clear and here I was wishing to find out something in my repots so that could be treated.

Then we found a doctor and his medicines did magic and I was alright within a few months. He didn’t give me any hi-fi medicine. Those were some ayurvedic medicines, usually used to heal the digestion and nothing else. What do you think about what worked here?

Let me tell you, where everybody was saying that I was overthinking, I was facing depression, and I was fine. Also, they were realising my parents that I was wasting their time, he was the only one who said, “she has some issue with her digestion so her hunger is lost. Since it’s been so long with an upset stomach, therefore her body has started giving such responses.” Those words highly relaxed me. I started sleeping soundly coz my problem got treatment. Very soon I started properly eating and returned to my routine.

Here the doctor played a trick and shifted my focus on gastric which is common and nothing to worry. He exactly told me what my mind wanted to listen to. “Yes, you are normal, just suffering from simple digestion issues and these medicines will restore you all functions as they were before. That not only help me to fight with my baseless thoughts but also boosted my confidence. From that day, I no uneasiness can trouble me. I just think it is gastric and drink some water and always feel good.

Case 2. Last year I got pleuric fluid in my right lung. 103-degree fever all day and night. Four months of high fever and I was continuously performing my jobs. I was not a bit feared about anything. I was just taking it as easy as it was a normal viral fever. But when I got my reports and the actual problem diagnosed, I felt very bad from inside. But the good thing is that I didn’t allow those scary thoughts on my mind at all. I have completed all courses as suggested by my physician and today I am perfectly alright.


In the first case, I was not so much ill but my thoughts were and I was suffering more due to my negative mental state. I became happy when my problem got diagnosed.  Whereas in the second case, my health was very poor but my will power was strong and just because of that I survived and recovered successfully. Here I was disappointed with the reports which are normal for a person. In the first scenario, I was afraid that nothing could happen and next time I was sure that nothing will happen.

The conclusion is, that we can not avoid our hard times with positive thinking but we can make it more easy to deal with. Let me tell you some tricks which I used to make my mind strong to deal with everything so the negativity failed to acquire my thoughts.

  1. Leave the things on God before the god will leave the things on you.
  2. What is to be, is to be, that’s not in your hands. Let them go on and don’t waste your time in useless predictions.
  3. Engage yourself in some creativity.
  4. Use your imaginations in the things that make you happy.
  5. Don’t allow others to operate your thoughts.
  6. Listen to everyone and everything but keep only those in your mind which encourage you the most.
  7. Leave the people who down your morals.
  8. Love yourself more.
  9. Live your hobbies like dancing, drawing, and so on.

Hence stay strong and focus on the goals of your life. Always try hard to achieve your goals. Where there is a will there is the way.


Daydreamer and self-motivating. Believes in hard work. Love dancing and writing. Never give up on.

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