Observation, The Key To Wisdom

Observation, The Key To Wisdom

Let’s Make Some Observations

Observation is the key to wisdom. Wisdom is the quality of using your senses and abilities to make a sensible judgment. It is the ability of the human brain, used in analyzing, categorizing and synchronizing the things to make a valuable decision. Wisdom is not God gifted but it can be built and improved by enhancing our observational power. There is always a conclusion, moral and inspiration in every observation which enables our brain to get the facts and stay calm.

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” STEPHEN HAWKING

Many of us or I can say almost all of us just see the things and avoid to go in the detailing of these happenings as we have an excuse that we have no time in this ever running lifestyle. luckily, I am a good Observer. In my opinion, it doesn’t take much time in observation, when you have a good presence of mind when you speak less but sees more. Be quiet but not blind. Teach your eyes to hear first only then they can see the real truth. I like to find out the logic behind any incident not reasons for that. I enjoy the detailed studying and deep traveling of things. Sometimes people laugh at me how deeply I examine the things, but I don’t care as I am a self-aware person. Since I am quite but that does not mean I am guilty or I can’t see the truth, it only means that I am closely observing you, your expressions, your words, and your acts. Yes, we can not focus on many things once but we can observe many aspects of a single thing at once.

“I sit back & observe every person in my life whether we talk every day or not. I know who motivates me & keeps it 100. I also know who talks about me & smiles on my face. I know who I can trust & who I need to keep a distance with. Whether I say anything & let you be fake, I know.”

There is a difference between looking and observing. In looking we just see the things for a small intent but in observing we keep our scene in our memory for later thinking and deducing it into a meaningful conclusion.

How we can be a good observer and use this skill as the key to wisdom?

Go in detail with your surroundings

Notice each and every change in behavior and nature of the people, animals, birds, plants, weather, etc. in your surroundings. For example notice the regular way of your office, which kind of trees are there, changes in the boardings, changes in the display of any particular departmental store. See the plantation in front of your office building, not their type, their flowering time, etc. Note the dress up and behavior of your colleagues. notice their expressions whether they match with their wordings?

“I am very cautious of people whose actions don’t match their words.”

Create a link between what you see

Try to find out a connection between the things you notice before and make a decision. For example, as you see a crying baby and some food item spread on the way and a dog near him. so you can get the conclusion that the child would be going with the food item and that dog started following him so he got afraid and his goods were fell down.

Be Neutral so you will never be partial

Being neutral means to see things with your point of view and consider them with a fresh mind. Erase all old opinions of others regarding that particular subject. for example, If we have information that puppies of dogs bite then we can not observe them as we have a fear of being injured. So for getting out the actual truth always start with the zero.

“To observe and watch one’s own mind is something really interesting. The untrained mind will run and follow its old habit patterns. Because it has not been trained and taught, it will get lost in all kind of stories and issues. Therefore we have to train our mind. The meditation practice in Buddhism is all about training its own mind.” – Ajahn Chah

Improve your memory

Memory can be improved by enhancing your concentration power. Do some Meditation to keep your mind calm so that you can more concentrate on the present situations. You can do some short exercises based on your presence of mind. Like when you are going outside of home try to remember what did you switch the lights off, turn the burner off, properly locked the door, etc.

Remove your distractions

Distractions mean the disturbing elements which are not good for your mindful observation. when you are traveling by bus or train, don’t use the headphones. Try to hear the conversation of the people, notice the difference in culture, outfits, language, of different people. Keep an active eye on the events happening around you. while watching a Movie or TV Show, don’t just watch it but try to get some learning out of it. Observe the themes and backgrounds. Costumes for different shots and props used for different songs. listen to the song lyrics carefully and try to get their meaning. Think about the title if it justified the story. Try to figure out the motto of the director for that particular film or show.

Note down your all observational learnings on a notebook so you can maintain a record for future purpose. When you will become a good observer you will start enjoying all the things and events around you. Try to visit some new places and make your participation in different events out of your comfort zone. Let your experience growing up. It will give you new ways of exploring your life and the actual enjoyment of life.

“Observation more than books and experience more than persons are the prime educators.”

Let me give you a practical example of my life. It was 2009-2010 when I and my some friends used to go BSIP Lucknow for our Summer Training during my Polytechnic studies. On the way, we saw a boy around 14-15 years doing shoe polish. a few minutes later another boy of the same age came there. He put off his shirt and started shoe polishing with the first one. We all saw that and move ahead. But my mind was running as I observed both boys have same features means those were brothers. The second one was wearing a uniform of a public school, means he was just coming from his school. it was my conclusion. and here I got learning too that is “How down to earth that boy was. He was not a bit ashamed on his profession as any known can see him there. He was laborious too.” There are so many observations of my daily life. But here my motive of telling this story is, that small learning from your surroundings can motivate you for the biggest achievement of your life and is also helpful for keeping yourself more positive.

“Don’t just look, Observe! Don’t just swallow, Taste! Don’t just sleep, Dream! Don’t just think, Feel! Don’t Just exist, Live.”

Millions of people saw the apple falling, but no one observed it before Newton. Be an observer to make great discoveries.

Use the key of wisdom to grow your whole personality and enhance your skills.


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