Things Which are Free of Cost to Distribute

Things Which are Free of Cost to Distribute

You Can Spread Happiness Without Expending a Single Rupee

In this Selfish world, Everything has a price to be paid. Nothing is free of cost to distribute here. We, persons, are too money minded that we cannot give a single thing in free to others. We are always in the chance to grab other opportunities. Thinking of people is so down market that they feel time waste in helping others and giving money to others is a very tough job for them as love for money is dominating their humanity.

But behind this cunning nature, there are so many reasons. The most important of them is the unfaithful and thankless behavior of people. When someone needs money, it comes to you with a puppy face but when the time comes to return it back, he becomes more advocative. It becomes an impossible task to get your own money back from him. Another reason is the want for the return of favor, selfish and greedy nature of the people. Due to these the real needy and actually deserving candidates didn’t get help at the right time.

Free of Cost Things to Distribute

Well, it is your money, you have earned it with your hard work and skills. So it’s your choice only to help someone with money or the things purchased by your money. But here I am not talking about money or luxury. Here I am talking about some Priceless – costly things, that means the things which have no price but more value. There are so many things which are free of cost to distribute.


Love Animals
Help the Needy

1.. Positive Vibes

These are the vibrations or the kind of energy a person feels when you are around him. It is the impact of your presence on someone’s mind. Now the question is how can you give the positive vibes to others? The answer is very simple, just give a sweet smile. use some sweet words, show a positive attitude in every situation. Respect the individuality of others. Win their trust.

2.. A Helping Hand

Help the people who need it. Share your food at the place of wasting it. Help in crossing the road to the children,  senior citizens, handicaps, and animals also. Try to provide first aid or send him to the hospital if someone met with an accident. Don’t make videos and pictures but make some efforts to save a life. Leave your seat and let that senior citizen or pregnant woman or that sick person to sit there. at the place of laughing on a felling person, give him your helping hand and raise him up. Above same things are applicable to animals, birds, and plants also. Put some grain seeds on the open area near your home for feeding hungry birds. Avail some water for thirsty animals as they have no water supply from the government.

Helping hand is a thing which is free to distribute.
A Helping Hand

3.. Moral Support

It means, if someone is in grief, console him, if he is sad , try to please him, if he is desperate, motivate him, If he is doing some good or making some efforts, appreciate him, If he fails, buck him up for trying again, If he is hopeless, give him some positive thoughts in each process always give a hope for the best and encourage him with lots of good examples. If someone has no idea of life or he is distracted from his way, give him guidance. Help him in finding out his strengths and influence him for giving the best out of him.

4.. Little Charity

Charity does not only means to give some money or blankets to any social organization, but you can distribute your old furniture, clothes, crockery, gadgets, etc. if they are in good condition and you are going to update them. You can give your old books to the poor students of your school after passing your current class. You also can give your uniform if it is not meant for you after leaving that particular school. At the place of throwing or burning the things which are in good condition, you can help some needy whom these are more valuable.

5.. Your Time

Time is a precious thing to give someone in this busy scheduled life. If your one second can save someone’s life or give him the right direction, please give it to him. And finally, when you will count these seconds, you would actually be calculating the best moments of your life.

6.. Freedom

It has a broad meaning but here I will only discuss someones personal space. Don’t put your nose everywhere. Whatever is someone doing until it is against humanity or illegal, don’t interrupt them. In a democracy, everyone has the right to think, act and behave with his own choice. Don,t disturb or trouble any animal, bird or plant just for your fun. Don’t pluck the leaves and flowers for no reason. Freedom is one of my favorite issues. I will discuss it in my other blog in detail.

Besides these, you can save water, electricity, fuel and other resources and can reduce the trouble of our next generation, Do more plantation and give oxygen to the environment. Keep your environment clean and maintain a hygienic atmosphere and prevent diseases.

If you will distribute the above free of cost things among humans and animals, I promise you will never return with an empty hand. You will always get a happy heart and satisfied mind by yourself and lots of prayers and well-wishers with lots of good luck. Implement this kind of giving nature in your attitude and be the best version of mankind yourself.


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