Train Travel My Favorite Means of Transportation

Train Travel My Favorite Means of Transportation

My Love for Trains

I have great affection for trains. When it comes to traveling, trains are my favorite means of transportation. The first journey of my life was with Link Express from Kanpur to Dhampur, Utter Pradesh India. I was of just 22 days that time. With my growing age and more and more traveling in trains, my life is now full of adventures, beautiful memories and of course lots of fun.

I love train journeys for the following reasons:

Trains are Like Multi-house Buildings:

A multi-house building has many floors one above one. Each floor has multiple homes and different families live in every house. Same is with trains, they have many floors, each coach has multiple births and different families own those births. You are free to sleep, eat and communicate with each other.

You can Live Your Normal Life:

The train has everything, essential for living a normal life. With a reserved seat, you can lay down on it and sleep well, feel fresh by using toilets and wash-basin here, read books, newspapers, and orders your meal from its kitchen as well. Trains are equipped with AC and fans to save you from heat.

Unite Peoples:

So many families travel together with the same intention. There are no set boundaries of castes and religions. Everyone enjoys the journey with brotherhood. They all co-operate with each other by exchanging their seats and helping in luggage arrangement.

Pollution Free Journey:

Train Journey

Most of the railway lines go through jungle areas, having more and more trees, rivers and natural beauty. The tracks always follow the route outside the reach of a crowd, industries, and other transportation vehicles. A train journey allows you for a pure breath of life.

Lifetime Relationships:

Sometimes people find some good people in their journey and maintain a lifetime relationship with them.

You can Enjoy Shopping:

Many hawkers and snacks sellers used to sell their products inside the train. You can enjoy the taste of different snacks, beverages and shop out some unique products.

Much More to Learn:

You can learn about different cultures and languages of different states. You might get lots of learning from the experiences of others, they share with you. You learn to behave, act, and adjustment with strangers.

It is so simple to reserve your seat on a train online with train booking sites. In India, you can book your train on irctc train ticket booking site. Also, you will get your PNR and seat details on your mobile phone. You can also check the timings of different trains and live status of a train by using so many apps.

I love everything about trains, from railway announcements to the seasonal crowd. For long journeys trains are the best and cheap transport medium. Everyone can afford them for transportation purpose. You can create the best memories with your loved ones and have the best experience with others.


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