What Your Clothing Reveals About You

What Your Clothing Reveals About You
Choose the right clothing

Clothing is An Art

Do you think your clothing can reveal your personality or it is worth to judge a person by his clothing? In my opinion, clothing does not open up your whole inner personality but yes, it reflects a clear image of it. Your dressing sense is the first thing which is looked upon by the people and they set an idea on its behalf about your personality even without interacting you. Your clothing sets a great impact on the individuals within your surroundings. So it’s very important to carefully dress-up yourself before going out. All this information given below is based on the research of some psychology specialists and fashion experts and collected from different sources and some of my own experiences.

Tips to Select Best Clothing for You

It is the right of everyone to look attractive and stylish. The style has no proper definition and age limitation. Everyone can set his own style and can wear anything, he feels comfortable for his body. There are some tips which will be helpful in selecting a perfect outfit for you:-

  1. Don’t follow the trend blindly. It is not important to being trendy always but how this trend is going with your body matters the most. Accept that every trend is not suitable for your body just like each shining metal is not the gold. Choose a clothing according to your Body type, body shape, and body texture. If you are skinny, never choose loose clothing and choose vertical lining shirts if you are short. Make your own trend and follow your own style statement.
  2. Dress up your self according to your age. Don’t wear something which makes you much older and ugly than your actual age. Always carry an outfit which can maintain your dignity and respect at that particular age step.
  3. Select an article of clothing you can carry elegantly and comfortably without losing its charm. Then only it will show your confidence and self-esteem. It is not about how costly your dress is, if you have no ability to manage it perfectly it will completely destroy your look.
  4. Dress up yourself according to the theme or occasion of that place you are going. If you are going to some office environment than carry some formals or if you are going for outing wear some casuals. For any wedding ceremony, you can choose some heavy and embroidered outfits. In the case of women, don’t wear too short clothes in your workplace as they can impact your flirty and advantage-taking nature upon someone’s mind.
  5. If you are going to another region, country, state or different environment choose the clothing according to the tradition and culture of that particular area. In India, there is a phrase “jaisa dishdesh vaisa bhesh”. Whatever you are wearing must be acceptable there.
  6. Put the clothing according to the current season. Prefer light colors in the summer and dark colors in the winter.

What Colors of Your Clothing Reveals About Your Personality

Now, what the psychology says about the people’s mood, mind, and personality, who loves to wear some particular colors and styles of clothing. Many time we dressed up with our mood and mental state of mind. Some people planned their clothing, some just wear whatever they wish with no concern.

what different colors reveals about your personality

People who love to wear bright colors are childish, full of energy, optimistic and trendsetter. Bright colors such as yellow clothing are preferred by the people who are active, creative, addicted, daydreamer, adventures, explorer, and conquerer. Orange clothing is liked by optimistic, cheerful, eager to change and energetic people. they may be flaky but ambitious and prudent. People who love pink are kind, romantic and self-righteous. people who like red are passionate, easily excitable, slightly self-centered and attention seeker. Purple lover people are loyal, creative and art lover. White is a symbol of peace, freedom, purity, and trust. these are reliable and flexible to the changes.

People who love to wear dark colors or dark shades are mature. a disciplined, deep thinker and strong will power. persons who love black clothing are purposeful, ambitious, sensitive and emotional. they hide their emotions and believe in the inner beauty of a person. Brown lovers are stable, reliable and concentrated. People who love blue are kind, calm, sympathetic, poise and shy in nature. Who loves green are active, soft heart, financially stable, social and cautious.

If someone loves to wear some abstract printing clothes like some geometrical printing, maths formulas, that means he is sorted and has clear goals of his life. He is confident and loves to express himself. If someone loves to wear floral printing clothes, he is kind and natural. He can never hurt someone. Someone who loves slogan printed clothing is bold and expressive. He loves to express his thoughts through these slogans.

Someone who chooses loose clothing is open-minded and can easily adopt the changes. He thinks beyond the limits. In reverse who loves tight clothing is narrow-minded and more conservative in nature. He is limited under social boundaries. The one who is always in search of designer dresses has a lake of self-confidence. He has some issues regarding his image so he always wants to show off his financial status and money power.

Your clothing is the way of giving respect to others and also, getting respect from them. Don’t make someone awkward with your dressing. It is not worth to judge a person’s character on the basis of his clothing because clothes selection is based on the occasion, weather conditions, financial status and individual’s choice, and these all factors change continuously with time. But, yes choose clothing which is easily adjustable, manageable, and comfortable for you. The clothing, which makes you more confident and to grooms your look.


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