Does Your Parenting is Going in Right Way

Does Your Parenting is Going in Right Way
Which Brick to Install in Your Child’s Foundation


Parenting is the most powerful and deciding factor of your child’s character, mentality, behavior, and actions towards the life, people, universe and circumstances. It is taking care of a child from his birth to maturity. It is a truth that parents can’t write their children future but they can set its foundation. You can easily develop a child at the place of modifying an adult.

Different modes of parenting
Different responsibilities of a parent

A child learns lots of new things such as fashion, games, knowledge from his school, friends, society, and books. But his characteristic features like how to deal, act, behave, think, his morals, manners, etc. are based on his parents, family background, and upbringing. Most of the cases parents are the mother & father, but in some cases, it can be an elder sibling, a caretaker, or relative.

Rules of Parenting

In all cases, being a parent is a very tough job, full of responsibility, care, awareness, and sacrifices. For every child, his parents are his ideal and the best persons of the world as he closely observes them and they are always right for him. He always tries to be like them. So it’s your duty to maintain the discipline in your activities in front of your child, which has a direct effect on the upbringing of your child. Every parent has the same goal,” the best for their children”, but the way of treatment are different.

Sometimes parents teach the right lesson to their child but they select the wrong examples or wording. Such as all-time proving self parents wrong in front of their grandchildren like we awake the whole night in your sickness, your grandfather even didn’t allow us to take proper rest. Some insults their wife and others like, Your mother has no sense of dressing. Mayank’ s father is selfish, he does not love him.

Learn best to your child
Be co-operative to your child

At the place of degrading someone always show them the positive side of each and everyone’s situation 

Tell them every parent provide the best facilities to his children according to their conditions and abilities. Teach them the equal importance of each family member Whether he is earning father or housewife mother, or the old grandparents. Teach them the importance of being self-dependent for their regular activities. Don’t show the different behavior for a girl and boy child. Remember, this is the actual platform where your boy is learning the value of a girl and respecting her and your girl is learning how much she can expect from a boy. The difference starts at home.

Teach your children the value of hard work and education

Educate them for making responsible citizen at the place of the money-making machine. At the place of promoting them with your power and approach teach them to pass the exams with their hard work and knowledge. Don’t forget that you have such a position due to your hard work. So don’t parallelize your child’s mental strength under the influence of your approach and power. Make them creative and productive.

Corruption also starts at home

People used to take work from their children by paying some sweets and toys to them in return. “Give me one glass of water, I will give you chocolate”. Don’t tell it to your father, I ‘ll buy a toy for you”. Sometime blackmails them,” If you will do this, I’ll complain your class teacher”, sometimes threaten them,” next time you will touch my laptop, I’will break your hands down”. In response, your child is habitual of such kind give and take. Now it’s his time and he will say first give me a bike, then I’ll do that particular thing. Don’t make your child a greedy, selfish, corrupt person. Don’t teach him the way of blackmailing and threatening you for his advantages.

Choose the best style of parenting
Never fight in front of your child

Trust your child. Teach him the value of money and its saving

Give him some responsibilities according to his rising age. Appreciate his good works. Don’t insult him in front of others. Give him a little care and time. Nourish your child with morals, not with luxury. Don’t predict a negative future about him.” As I can see you will not serve us in our old age.” “You will become the slave of your wife”. Such wording does not make a good impact on another person. Don’t spoil the relations with your tongue.

Don’t Force your thoughts and dreams on your child

Give the wings to his dreams and strength them by motivating him for achieving the goals. It is good to teach him your learnings but allow him to create his learnings with his own experiences. Try to maintain a good communicational relationship. Listen to him. Value his opinion. Respect his personal space. Be a friend to him and he will never hide anything from you. Give him the conclusion of his all confusions.

Sacrifice the habits you don’t want your child to adopt

Leave the habit of chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, smoking, etc. You can not stop your child from doing so if you use to do the same things. Don’t use mobile and watch the television if you are not in favor of your child to do so.

Adopt a little change to deal with the modern generation

What you will give them today will get back to you tomorrow. Nothing will go with us at the end of life but make sure to left a wise and self-dependent generation behind us. And our morals will always be there in the form of that implementing brick.

Parenting is the perfect mix of management and skills. A parent has to play multiple roles to grow his child entirely. Follow the above golden rules and give your child a strong base and clear mindset to beat the competition of survival.


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