Win Your Anger

Win Your Anger
Don’t let your anger win


Anger is an Emotion

“Anger is a feeling, that makes your mouth work faster than your mind”

Anger is a strong emotion of living beings, which leads from normal irritations to the furious rage. —It is that state of mind, which make your actions more destructive, Negative, senseless and harmful. —It is an automatic emotion which arises in response to pain, failure, loss, grief, violence, etc. Anger is both automatic and sometimes applied by others. It may be the reaction of some instant happenings or the result of a long time depression and failure.

   There can be so many reasons for a person being angry. Some of them are genetic, some are the results of past bad experiences, some are based on present poor conditions and others are the responses of the activities happened against our expectations. In today’s multitasking life, where every task has a limited period of time to be accomplished, a little mistake or delay can set the fire of your anger. Example: you are waiting for the flight and it delays by one hour.

   Sometimes the restlessness of your body can make you angry. When you are ill or suffering from a long term disease, it can cause helplessness and the responsive emotion comes out as anger. A short amount of anger is good for health and mental peace as it has no bad effect on your heart and body. it releases your stress. Expressing anger against any violence and wrong behavior can be beneficial for not being happened it again. Anger is good until it is not harmful to you and others. When it goes out of control it may cause serious problems like breakups in relationships, defame your social prestige, create mental and physical illness. When you become angry your heartbeat rate and blood pressure go higher than its normal rate.

How to deal with your anger

It is very important to convert your energy in a positive and constructive manner. Don’t waste your energy against you. Give it the correct direction to make it productive. there are so many ways to win your anger. First of all, teach your mind that anger is actually not a good thing for your growth and success as well as for your professional and personal life. Try to find out the reason behind your anger and try to resolve them at the place of blaming others, yourself and destiny. Don’t let the words never, only me, impossible to command your mind. Replace them with next time, just a coincidence, will not happen again, etc.

“Anger is a friend of your enemies, which helps them in defeating you. To win your enemy Defeat your anger.”

Leave the place as soon as possible, When some incident is making you unhappy and or anyone is irritating you. It will be helpful to lower the intensity of your anger. Go to a lonely place and take a deep breath. Repeat the process with saying yah It’s okay, I will manage, I am Okey, I am Fine. This therapy is very useful practically.

Distract your mind from the current situation. Try to think about something that makes you happier. Use your imagination power to think some funny and relaxing. Try to memorize some jokes and humor to laugh. Laugh loudly. You also can listen to some music. Music is super fast mood changer. or you can engage yourself in some other activities like walking, driving, shopping, etc. Distracting your mind can help you to forget the bad situation and can calm down your mind.

“Explain your anger instead of expressing, and you will find the solutions, not arguments.” It means to go in deep with the reasons behind your anger. Don’t speak bad words and language when you are angry or don’t raise your hands upon someone.

“It is wise to direct your anger towards problems, not people; to focus your energies on answers, not excuses.”

Learn to forgive at the place of taking revenge. Feeling of taking revenge can do the situation worse. Try to forget things and forgive people. Also, use some apologizing words if you hurt someone in your anger.

Do some meditation to relax your mind. If needed or you think it is uncontrollable your anger contact with a psychiatrist. Observe the aggression and violence in your behavior under anger. If it is not acceptable consult with a counselor.

Share your emotions with your family or friends. Blocking your anger in your mind can be dangerous for your health and mind. So don’t store your emotions within you. Share them with your closed ones, it will be helpful to find out some solutions and mental support.

It is very important to deal with your anger in a positive way so its output will become beneficiary for you. By following the above ideas you might be able to win your anger during a certain time period.


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